Hi, my name is David Andrés Sánchez and I am a Data Scientist. I studied Aeronautical Engineering, but after 5 years working in the industry I realized that my real passion was Artificial Intelligence. I taught myself how to program in Python and how Machine Learning works. Having a background in Mathematics, Statistics and Programming acquired in my degree helped me with the role transition. I continue to push myself to learn as much as I can.

Aeronautical Engineering

2009 – 2014

After school I went to Valencia (Spain) to study Aeronautical Engineering. I had very high grades and I could basically study anything I wanted. I have always liked Mathematics and Physics, so I decided to study a degree with a great deal of career opportunities such as Aeronautical Engineering. I learnt a lot about Mathematics and Physics, and also about Statistics and Programming. I later went to Cranfield University in England to study my Master’s Degree as part of an Erasmus scholarship.


2015 – 2020

I decided to stay longer in England and look for a job there. I quickly found a good position in a company subcontracted by Rolls-Royce. My role consisted of performing mechanical integrity assessments of the front part of aeroengines (gas turbines) by means of Finite Elements Analysis software. This was exciting at first, but as the years were passing I got to realize that when I had to automatize repetitive tasks using a programming language such as Matlab or Python I was really motivated and enjoyed a lot. It was then when I started reading about Machine Learning and improving my knowledge of Python.

Data Scientist

2020 –

I decided to take an internship in Data Science and Machine Learning with a company in Valencia. I learnt a lot and acquired very useful skills. This allowed me to succeed in my career transition and finally become a Data Scientist six months later, as I was hired by a marketing company based in London. My journey was just starting, and since then I have been dedicated to learn more and increase my knowledge in this field.