The main challenge when learning something new? Time.

You can understand theory from books, podcasts, and videos, but without practice, true learning is limited. Finding time for projects is tough.

MLPills DIY has a solution: a weekly step-by-step approach to addressing a Data Science task. One week to grasp and achieve each step.

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DIY #7 – Data distribution
In the last DIY, we introduced the concept of Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA). This is a fundamental step in Data Science. One of the key components of the EDA is finding out about the data distribution. Let’s inspect this in more depth!

  • In this section, every week, a key concept in Data Science will be introduced to you.
  • After that, you will be given various tasks to put what you’ve just learned into practice. You will have a week to complete it.
  • The following week the exercise will be solved step-by-step, in detail.
  • Every week, the top performers will be added to a ranking. At the end of the month, those ranking first will be given a prize!

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